Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Starting fresh!!!

Okay soooo in 2011 my Blog was started and mainly all about my weight loss journey... Well Les got home and I kind of put it on pause and forgot about my blog, in all I lost 45 pounds and was in a size 8 jeans which I'm very proud of myself!!!! But, my ultimate goal, came along and Les and I after 3.5 years of trying and no not counting the deployment, we FINALLY got pregnant :D as of now I'm a little less than 3 weeks away from my estimated due date and couldn't be any more happy!!! We are having a little girl for those of you who don't know, and we are naming her Epsie Brynn Lovelace!!! So now guess what, my blog will now be all about our journey through parent hood, weight loss postpartum and our growing family!!!!! Can't wait to start back my little journal to share with everyone!!! So hopefully my birthing story will be my next update unless of course she decides to wait longer :) we shall see :D I posted my latest picture of me not at my goal weight but the happiest I've ever been weight wise haha at 37 weeks pregnant :) loving life!

Saturday, August 13, 2011


Alright, alright... I weighed in this morning.... and at first it said 185.2 then I went to go get my phone from down stairs to take a picture and when I got back upstairs to weigh again it said 185.6 lol so pretty much I lost 2 pounds this week :) WAYYYY better than I had thought. I didn't think that I gained, I just thought I would have stayed the same.... anyways I've gotten my motivation back and I'm ready to go this new week!!!!! :) Thank you all for all of your comments and for keeping me encouraged. Can't wait till next week!!!!

Ally Lovelace

Friday, August 12, 2011


So lately I have lost my motivation for some reason.... I haven't been feeling like walking or working out..... kind of a bummer! I need to find my motivation back SOON! I've walked every day this week 4 miles EXCEPT for sunday (my usual day off) and Wednesday...... not sure what happened on Wednesday for me to miss just waited till last minute and last minute was too late and didn't do my walking.... So this next weigh in tomorrow I don't feel like I've lost anything.... BUT there is always today and tomorrow to do better and work my way up to getting in the habit of everything... so I can't get discouraged just because I didn't do so well this weigh in because I have a brand new week ahead of me I just need to look forward and move on! Well until tomorrow!!!

Ally Lovelace

Saturday, August 6, 2011


Okay everyone! I woke up this morning and was anxious to see how much I lost, well I weighed in and last week I weighed 192.2......... today 8-6-11(one week later lol) I weigh 187.2..... Exactly 5 pounds lighter!!!! YAY! It would be awesome if I could lose 5 pounds every week this month if that happens by September 3,2011 I could weigh 25 pounds lighter at a weight of 167.2....... that would be awesome!!!!!! but I'm not going to set my goal so high, a healthy weight to lose each week is between 2 and 3 pounds. When your heavier you tend to lose a lot at first each week but once you get closer to your goal weight it gets a little harder to lose that much a week... so we may see me lose 5 pounds a week for a couple of weeks, but I'm guessing once I get in the 170's its going to start coming off slower :/ but hey, at least its still coming off!!! :) Well today starts my new week, I get tomorrow off!!!! (its Sunday) and then I start my workouts back on Monday. I like to think of my first day on Saturday because everyone loves Saturdays and so it doesn't seem so bad, and if I start it on Monday then everyone already hates Mondays so it makes it that much more worse, just a thought. Try starting your work out week on a different day than the dreadful Monday. Thats it for today I'll write again on dreadful Monday!

February 2011 I weighed 215

July 30, 2011 I weigh 192.2 ( 23.2 pounds lost in 6 months with little effort of trying other than only water and no fast food and less portions. exercise here and there...)

August 6, 2011 I weigh 187.2 ( 5 pounds lighter!!! )
August 13, 2011..... HERE I COME!

Ally Lovelace

Friday, August 5, 2011

The Day BEFORE weigh in....

So the last two days this is what I've done...

8-4-11: 4 miles, @ 3.2 speed, 75 minutes, lost 47.7 carbs, lost 381 calories.
8-5-11AM: 4 miles, @ 3.5 speed, 68 minutes, lost 48.4 carbs, lost 378 calories.
8-5-11PM: 4 miles, @ 3.5 speed, 69 minutes, lost 46.3 carbs, lost 370 calories.

Isn't that weird that on the 4th I lost more calories same carbs a little bit longer time but .3 speed down.... awesome!!! SO just remember even if your not going fast your still loosing weight!!!! :) so don't get down on how fast your going... just worry about the miles and keep building up so you can eventually do more miles at a faster rate or if you like the mileage you can just get them done quicker!

It's crazy looking back on this week and knowing that I did a total of 30 MILES!!!! WOW!!! I do need to work better on my eating habits though.... I haven't had fast food since February 2011, and been drinking nothing but water and I've been trying to eat a lot less which I've been doing pretty good but not great at, I just need to start making smarter choices on the foods I choose to eat. Like today my family put together a surprise birthday party for my oldest sister Elizabeth, and I only ate half a sandwich and it was on wheat bread and I loaded it with veggies, and I didn't have any cake and ice cream... tempting... but I was proud and feel way better now that I'm home and didn't eat it.....

Like my momma cissy use to always say it'll still be there when your skinny...... so just remember that when craving or wanting a certain BAD food, know that its not going any where and that you can eat it after your at your goal weight (hopefully you wont crave it by then) also something my husband read/heard is that the more muscle you build the more you burn... so build up muscle too because it will help you lose fat faster...

Any ways tomorrow is weigh in so I should get some rest!!! Wish me luck!!!!!!

Ally Lovelace

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sorry for so many posts in one day... still trying to get a groove on things :)

Okay so today I walked 4 miles at a 3.5 speed, it took me 68.45 minutes and I lost 371 calories and lost 46.4 carbs. The following is the average of everything according to the treadmill: 1 mile at 3.5 speed = 17.08 minutes, 12.6 carbs lost and 97 calories lost. Not too shabby but it always could be better.... maybe each week work your way up to a + . 5 speed, so next week I should be at a average speed of 4.0.... but don't push it if you don't think your body is ready for it. This will be my last post until Saturday, from now on I will post every Saturday with my updates... Saturday morning are the days I will weigh in so I will be excited to let you all know, and if its a bad number, then I will push harder the following week. Let me know if you would rather hear from me more often than once a week. Thanks for following! - Ally Lovelace

Photo shoot of me now, 8-3-1

This is me now. I will try and wear the same outfit each month when I post new photos so you can see the difference in the same outfit. of course when it starts to fall off I will have to get another outfit... but that will be later on down the road... enjoy!